WATCH: 6 Heartwarming Videos That Make Us Miss Our First “Teachers”

We won’t be where we are now if it weren’t for a few people who first taught us how to walk, how to spell our name, how to read, how to mingle with other people, or how to stand back up again after falling. These are our first teachers.

They can be just one person or they can be different people helping us build who we are at present. They can be are nanay teaching us how to brush our teeth, our tatay teaching us how to ride the bike, our kuya teaching us how stand up after falling down and scraping our knees playing a game of “It”, our ate teaching us to keep our stuff organized, our first formal teacher telling us the difference between a triangle and a square, and other informal teachers that bestowed life lessons along the way.

Here are a few heartwarming videos that will make you miss your “teachers” as much as we miss ours. Warning, have some tissue nearby. You might feel a little pinch in your chest.

6. Your grandparents who taught you about life and love.

5. Your kuya who taught you to toughen up so life doesn’t swallow you whole.

4. Your “first love” who taught you about..well, love and it’s tragedy.

3. Your teacher in school who help mold you to who you are now.

2. Your nanay who taught you almost everything… almost.

1. Your tatay who taught you a thing or two about life.

Did you miss your “teachers”? Why not give them a call or visit them this Christmas?