WARNING: Women Should Beware When Going to Public Restrooms Alone

WARNING Women Should Beware When Going to Public Restrooms Alone

One of the mysteries in life is why women go to the restroom in groups. Men never really figured out what they do there. Do they really have to pee or retouch their makeup, or do they just gossip about the men they’re with? This story will make you thankful that they do go in groups.

This story was shared on Facebook by Pure Force and Rescue Corporation, a company specializing in emergency response systems. A friend of a friend was pushed inside the restroom, robbed, and almost raped. According to the post:

Ladies, be careful when in BGC. A friend’s friend was pushed inside a bathroom in BGC, locked, robbed and almost raped. This is the bathroom near the Starbucks with a drive-thru, near Kusé, Recovery, etc. She scratched and bit her assailant hard with her teeth with braces (that came off!), so he fled the scene. Always ask someone to go with you and stay by the door.

We’re glad to hear that she was able to fight back and escape. Let this post serve as a warning to other women, regardless of location. Always bring a friend when going to the restroom. Avoid going to dark places alone. Make sure to let someone know where you’re going. It might save your life.

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