Warner Bros./DC Comics Trade Show: A Geek’s Dream Come True




When in Manila, there are many things for a geek like me to look forward to: superhero movies, books-turned-movies, cartoons,  and The Big Bang Theory. So, when I heard that there was going to be a Warner Bros./DC Comics trade show, I almost died. In fact, the fact that I actually went to this Warner Bros./DC Comics trade show is still a bit surreal to me. Yes, I went to a Warner Bros./DC Comics trade show. Fellow geeks, die of envy.









The exclusive Warner Bros./DC Comics trade show was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Ortigas and was organized in cooperation with Pacific Licensing Studio, Warner Bros. Consumer Product’s licensing representative for South-East Asia.




Aside from showing us a showcase of exciting products at the Warner Bros./DC Comics trade show, we were also treated to sneak peeks of numerous things that I sadly cannot share in this blog post. We got to see the action figurines for the movie “The Hobbit”, for example, and a ton of photos from the new Superman movie “Man of Steel” that no one in the country has seen yet. Can you say “geek-gasm”?




Here are the things that I can share, though:




Cool superhero merchandise at the Warner Bros./DC Comics trade show included Superman toothpaste and superhero air fresheners.





“Man of Steel” will be out in June 2013.




Cool Batman merchandise at the Warner Bros./DC Comics trade show included tumblers of the latest movie “The Dark Knight Rises”.




Who wouldn’t want Batman on their credit card, as seen at the DC Comics trade show?

The good news is that they are currently in talks with banks for this to happen! Woohoo!





After the success of “The Dark Knight Rises”, Batman will be having a brand new computer-animated television series called “Beware the Batman” set to debut on Cartoon Network next year!




Looney Tunes characters on a computer mouse? Yes, please!





Tweety – just chillin’ like a villain at the Warner Bros./DC Comics trade show!





We also saw these adorable Tweety baby products at at the Warner Bros./DC Comics trade show.




According to what we were told at at the Warner Bros./DC Comics trade show, the Looney Tunes is also set for a new season with 26 new episodes to be aired later this year. Other animated television shows you can look forward to seeing more of this year include Scooby-Doo, Tom and Jerry, and ThunderCats.




At the Warner Bros./DC Comics trade show, we were also told that television series, like Gossip Girl and The Big Bang Theory, will be coming back with more. Gossip Girl will be returning with its 6th and final season this October, while The Big Bang Theory will be returning with its 6th season this September (definitely not the final season for them, though!).




I won several prizes at the Warner Bros./DC Comics trade show for answering the questions: “Who is Superman’s father?” and “What is Wonder Woman’s lasso called?”, as well. :p




Yes, with its tentpole movies, a very strong slate in animation programming, and the sheer power of its strong portfolio of properies, Warner Bros. Consumer Products provides unmatched business opportunities that product licensees, promotional partners, retailers and consumers like us are sure to enjoy When in Manila!




Special thanks to Pacific Licensing for inviting us to the Warner Bros./DC Comics trade show and to Gerard Perez for the photos in this blog post.




Pacific Licensing Studio


Unit 1006 Taipan Place, F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig


Phone: 633-0944


Website: https://www.pacificlicensing.com/

 To view the “Beware the Batman”  trailer, click  here.

Warner Bros./DC Comics Trade Show : A Geek’s Dream Come True

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