Wage Board Grants 40-Peso Hike in Minimum Wage in Metro Manila

The Philippines’ Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) just announced that the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board in the National Capital Region (RTWPB-NCR) issued an increase to the daily minimum wage of private sector workers in the region.

Wage Order No. NCR-24 provides an increase of 40 pesos, bringing Metro Manila’s minimum wage to 610 pesos per day from 570 pesos per day (for the non-agriculture sector) and 573 pesos per day from 533 pesos per day (for the agriculture sector; service and retail establishments employing 15 or fewer workers; and manufacturing establishments regularly employing less than 10 workers).

According to DOLE, this was submitted for affirmation to the National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC) on June 26, 2023, in accordance with existing laws and procedures. The NWPC then affirmed the wage order the following day, authorizing its publication on the 30th of June.

As for when the minimum wage hike is set to take effect, it shall be on July 16, 2023 – 15 days after the new order’s publication. The RTWPB-NCR is also reportedly set to ensure compliance and provide assistance to enterprises in correcting possible wage distortions.

DOLE also stated that Barangay Micro Business Enterprises (BMBEs) are not covered by the minimum wage law, and the NWPC Omnibus Rules on Minimum Wage Determination entails exemptions for the wage increase. The exemptions are for retail/service establishments regularly employing not more than ten (10) workers, and enterprises affected by natural calamities and/or human-induced disasters. Those who fall under these categories may reach out to the board by emailing wage_ncr@yahoo.com.ph

Read more about DOLE’s statement on Metro Manila’s latest minimum wage hike here.

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