Viral Video: Impromptu Performance from Filipino Group will Give You Goosebumps

Filipinos have spectacular talents that are known worldwide. One of the things we are mostly known for is our skill in the world of music. Filipinos are known worldwide for our beautiful and amazing talent in singing and dancing. Though many of these Filipinos have already gained popularity, there are still many others out there whom we know very¬† little of… one of which is this amazing group from the University of the Philippines.

This video was shared by Thabo Matshebo, one of the members of the University of Johannesburg choir from South Africa. He shares with the story behind the video…

“So this is what happened , We were all attending a 5 day university festival in Poznan called Universitas Cantat where 9 choirs from different countries come together to celebrate and share music. So we would all meet every morning to rehearse the final concert mass piece and for vocal training. Then we would also have lunch together and also sometimes watch each other perform. So during the course of that I made a couple of friends from UPCC (University of the Philippines Concert Chorus) and unfortunately my choir never got to watch their performance and their choir never got to watch our performance because of other concerts that were out of town that clashed. So on the last day after our mass piece performance , my friends called me to their changing room to give me farewell gifts. I happen to be a great fan of choirs from the Philippines, so when I got to the changing room and it realized that the whole choir was there. I asked my friends from UPCC if they could ask the choir to please sing a something for me. Then they asked their conductor and without any fail she agreed , so they decided to sing a song that would be appropriate for a farewell , hence they chose that specific song because of its words. I then recorded them and was so touched by the warmth in their sound and the level of musicality that they presented, hence I shared the video. “

What started out as a simple farewell to a friend has already garnered hundreds and thousands of views and shares on Facebook. More than just the amazing talent our fellow Filipinos shared, the video also allows us to properly congratulate these kids for representing the Philippines all the way in Poznan, Poland. According to one of its members Raymund Madali, UPCC or the University of the Philippines Concert Chorus was the only Asian group during the event. Wow! The soloist in the video is Myron Dela Cruz, tenor and a voice major in UP.

Congratulations on this amazing performance and for representing the Philippines!

What do you guys think of their performance?

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