VIRAL: Hong Kong Woman Touched by Filipino Stranger’s Offer to Lend Money

VIRAL Hong Kong Woman Touched by Filipino Stranger's Offer to Lend Money

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Everyone knows about Filipino hospitality, but who knew Filipinos can still be hospitable when in another country?

A story going viral on social media tells the story of a Hong Kong woman who was surprised and touched by a Filipino’s hospitality when she forgot her wallet while on a bus.

According to Lui, she got on a mini-bus in Sai Kung and realized she had forgotten her purse at home. The bus driver allowed her to ride on credit, but she still needed money for dinner. She turned to the stranger next to her, a Filipino, and asked to borrow HKD20 (roughly P140), which she said she will pay back later. She was then surprised when he offered to lend her HKD100 (roughly P700), then HKD500 (roughly P3,500) when he found out she was having dinner at Causeway Bay, an upscale shopping district.

She forgot to ask for the man’s name, but took his number so she could reach out to him and pay. Some netizens commented that the man may be rich, but she didn’t think so because he asked her for information about renting an apartment in Sai Kung. She also noted that he didn’t even bother asking for her contact number.

According to Lui, she paid him the following day.

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