VIRAL: Funny Things That Fans ‘Will Do’ for COLDPLAY Tix

Coldplay finally confirmed that they will be heading to Manila in 2017.

Immediately, organizers revealed the ticket prices.

With the hype up and many fans wanting to see the band, here are some of the funniest things fans jokingly said they will do for Coldplay tickets.

A bit old, but Ambula re-shared it.

Guess there’ll be high supply of kidneys

Or brains?

Some are looking for more budget-friendly options

Or just express your feelings in a Coldplay song

Skipping ninong/ninang duties

Or skipping Value Meals

Or skipping all meals altogether

Wow, parang shampoo lang, tingi-tingi

How about you? What are your tips to save on or save up for Coldplay tix?

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