VIRAL: Compilation of Ariel’s “Finally” Jingle Memes and Parodies

It’s stuck in our heads.

Ariel’s latest jingle for its commercial that launched the cheaper swakto sachet is still going rounds on the Internet. Netizens are making parodies and memes about it. We have compiled a some here to make this song your LSS for a few days. For those who have already moved on with the jingle, we’re bringing it back in your head.

Princess Sarah has her #hugot meme about Ariel.

Princess Sarah Ariel Finally


Ariel Finally (1)(Photo from: angusernamekoaysushi.tumblr.com)


Going Bulilit kids have their parody.


Other netizens followed suit.




Hunk Zac Efron has his own lip-synched version, with the matching dance moves.


Let It Go is so last year. Elsa and Ana are now singing Finally to be “in”.


For those who are not familiar with this catchy commercial, here’s Ariel’s TVC:


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