VIDEO: Check Out This Awesome “Miracle Shot” By A High School Student!

Miracle shots” aren’t rare in the NBA; it’s often a final-ditch effort to win or even just tie the game. The problem with miracle shots, however, is that it doesn’t always go through, and only a handful of NBA stars manage to pull it off.

It takes strong feat and tremendous amount of luck to pull a successful miracle shot. The feat is so hard that, when a high school student manages to land the shot, it leaves everyone’s’ jaw on the ground.

That’s what Minnesota high school basketball player Oman Oman did when he took a chance at a full-court shot that left the crowd (and his opponents) in awe.

Down by two points, Oman Oman had 1.6 seconds left on the game clock to get the ball to the hoop in the other side of the court. He decided to just throw the ball and hope for the best.

I say he made the right decision. Here’s the video:

Know anyone who could throw a similar shot?


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