VENT: UP’s One-Stop Portal for Student Events

VENT: UP’s One-Stop Portal for Student Events
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The corners of Facebook should not limit you!
STUDENT EVENTS are about to get bigger as they move to VENT.

What is V E N T?

VENT is a one-stop portal for everything ‘student events’ related. The site contains all the information needed about upcoming events in and around the UP Campus, hosted or supported by any UP student organization, council, sorority or fraternity.

The main feature of the site is a calendar with an interactive and engaging visual layout. It is the first of its kind and its initial and main content will be student events.

There are two (2) types of calendars, the V E N T calendar (main calendar) will appear on the main page of the site and a minimized version on all the personal accounts; it will contain ALL the current and upcoming events. myV E N T (personalized calendar) is customized by the user to their own preference or schedule; it will contain the events they are interested in attending and the events of an organization(s) they subscribe to.


Aside from becoming the leading events portal in the country, we bring together people and their interests! We make planning things social, interactive, and fun. We let them get the most out of their days! We help them become more well-rounded and productive by encouraging them to go out and party, or participate in informative and academic events. 




VENT: UP’s One-Stop Portal for Student Events

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