Vallie has simple jewelry packed full of personality to match yours!


The cutest earrings!

Finding jewelry to match your personality to a T is always hard. Sometimes just hunting down that perfect charm to show off the fact that you’re a mermaid inside is so difficult. You want something cute, understated, and not too flashy but sometimes commercial jewelry is studded with too many shiny things and way too expensive. Need something simple but still beautiful? Vallie has got the jewelry for you!


Wear their choker layered with a quartz necklace! Paired with moon earrings!

The best part of their simplicity? You can layer them, mix and match, and they’ll all match your look! With their minimalist feel, gold shine, and designs, it’s easy to feel like they all go together (just like you and your crush–yiee!).


Layered necklaces are very in-fashion now


For a more balanced look, pair these bar earrings with a more embellished necklace

Jewelry really has a way of pulling everything together. It just has that extra layer of looking more finished. Complete your head-to-toe with the little things! A flash of gold, a drip of stone, or the thing that encapsulates you the most.

Whether you want to balance your look or take it over the top in the best of ways, these glitzy pieces elevate everything. They’re lightweight and fashionable, no matter what era you’re in. Let them add some flair to your day. Dress up the drab and punctuate the pretty. You deserve it. 😉


Vallie’s classy items go with everything. Wear them to dress up a simple get-up or to capitalize on a sophisticated outfit. Add some personality to your school/work outfit. Wear your inner princess on your sleeve (or around your neck!). They’re trendy, timeless, and totally perfect for your #OOTD.

Whether it’s necklaces or earrings, Vallie’s got you. They have so many designs for you to express yourself. If you’re feeling more feminine, they’ve got these beautiful rose earrings. Feeling romantic? A heart locket is the thing for you! Want to ride the layered necklace trend? They’ve got quite a lot to choose from.



For your own Beauty and the Beast moment <3


Heart lockets are just classic. They make for great gifts–for yourself or for someone special! Just make sure you cut the photo just the right size for that special someone! (Mine’s got my dog in it)


Flaunt your personality with ease! They’ve got so many options to choose from. I personally have an attachment to the ocean and all its wonders so the seashell necklace is perfect for me. A friend of mine loves quartz and stones, she fell in love with those. And there’s never a bad time to tell someone you like them with a locket! So even if your crush thinks you’re not perfect for them (they’re wrong, btw), you’ll at least find your perfect match with these pieces. Don’t worry! They’ll never break your heart!


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