Valentine’s Date Ideas For Those Who Like To Stay At Home

February is coming up, and the month is best known for none other than celebrating love. Perhaps this is your first Valentine’s Day ever and you’re unsure how to go about it. Or, you’ve been dating a long time and you want to skip the whole charade of dinner, flowers, and a movie. Or perhaps you’re really just a homebody or an introvert, and you would rather stay at home. Regardless of the reason, just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice, quiet and enjoyable time together! Here are just some Valentine’s Date ideas for those staying indoors.

Stay at home couple socks romantic

Create a home-cooked meal

If one of you has some interest in cooking, then all the better to bust out those recipes you’ve been dying to try out! Even if the most you’ve done is cook an egg, there are several food video tutorials that are easy yet effortlessly delicious.

Decorate your backyard or living room in fairy lights.

Bed fort cute sweet romantic date

Fairy lights (or the tiny Christmas lights) are the cheapest way to spruce up an area and give off a DIY, romantic vibe. If you’re making dinner, you can set up a simple table arrangement in your backyard or even in your own living room with the lights draped below you. They’re easy, pretty, and look amazing in photos.

Put on a romantic comedy — or whatever movie you feel like watching

It’s an interesting take on the whole stereotypical “movie date” — plus, it’s a great excuse to snuggle up on the couch. Pop on a romantic comedy just to set the mood, but if you have very specific tastes in film or there’s just a movie both of you have been aiming to watch, then that works just as well too.

Play a song or put on a date night playlist.

Date night home romantic loved one boyfriend

If one of you is musically inclined, put on a mini performance and play a song for your significant other. If not, a curated date night playlist can really boost the romantic atmosphere.

Write each other poetry.

Poetry is one of the most intimate ways you can express your feeling and affections towards each other. Even if you’re not particularly good at writing, who’s judging, anyway? It’s even more special since your works are only for each other’s eyes.

Where are you spending Valentine’s Day this year? Let us know your thoughts!