Useful Apps from HUAWEI AppGallery to Keep You Sane and Focused During this Quarantine

It’s been over 4 months since the lockdown started so I’m sure every one of us is more stressed now compared last year.

In my case, aside from my financial struggles, the hardest would be the mental and emotional stress which I have to endure during this entire process. It’s hard to live alone away from your family. I haven’t seen my mom since March. I realized how hard it is not to have any close human interaction. I may not be the “touchy” kind of person, but I did realize the importance of having someone to dine with and talk with you face to face. These are just some of the things I really miss. Mentally, I’m also stressed. I find it hard to focus, stick to a fixed schedule and I find it hard to sleep early. It’s like my brain is turned on 24/7.  I often find myself overthinking and being paranoid over my health too.  To think that I’ve been a digital nomad for almost a decade now, I should be used to staying at home and being isolated most of the time. I believe it’s the global situation we’re in and the uncertainty of things that causes so much mental strain. The goal is to always keep me physically and mentally healthy to sustain and support my family.

I know I have to do something to gain back control over my life. I have to find a way to help me adjust to this “New Normal.” Good thing we now have a lot of available technology like my HUAWEI devices and the HUAWEI AppGallery. Imagine having no internet, computers and smart devices during this global quarantine??? OOOOooohhhh Scary!!! We are really lucky to have all these available for us right now and all we have to do is use it wisely and for the good.

Anyways, since I’m left with my precious smart devices with me, I used the HUAWEI AppGallery on my P40 Pro to search for apps which I believe would help keep me calm, focused and connected as I live my New Normal.  I’ve been using them since April and I’m glad to say that they have helped me a lot in managing my stress.  I listed down my most favorite HUAWEI AppGallery apps on my HUAWEI P40 Pro and made this quick video compilation. It’s a mix of apps for physical and mental health which I think are sooooo important right now. I’ve also included apps to boost creativity, learn a new language, games to clear your mind, and even apps to help you do chores more efficiently. Lastly, included in the list are apps for shopping and tools you can use to still connect with your loved ones every day.


Below is the video I made. I hope this helps you as well. =)

If you wish to read more, here’s the article I wrote about the featured apps:


By the way, why the HUAWEI AppGallery? Late last year, I already switched to the HUAWEI ecosystem and I’ve been enjoying my experience so far. I like using the AppGallery because it’s more secure to download. The Huawei AppGallery is more than just the default app store on their newest smartphones — it is currently the third-biggest app distribution platform globally, with over 180 billion downloads and 390 million monthly active users worldwide (including me!).  I got plans of turning back, fully embracing the HUAWEI Ecosystem as I move on and adapt to my new normal.


You may also check out HUAWEI’s official website and follow their Facebook page for  more info.