UP Gears and Pinions’ Machine Design Summit goes online!

The UP Gears and Pinions has been the premiere mechanical engineering organization of UP Diliman. In its 65th year, the organization continues to pursue the highest degree of mechanical engineering by holding events that foster enriching learning experiences for Mechanical Engineering students. 

This coming November, we bring you Machine Design Summit Online 2020: Coursing through Change with Machine Design. MDS Online will be a series of interscholastic competitions, workshops, and webinars aimed to help a wide array of learners to develop a holistic understanding and appreciation of machine design and its adjacent disciplines. The events will be open to everyone nationwide and spread out throughout the month of November. MDS online 2020 will be held through virtual platforms such as Zoom, Discord and Facebook Live. 

Inventor’s Cup Machine Invention Challenge (Inter University)

Future engineers from different universities will be given a month to develop their own inventions that must address present day problems faced by the transportation sector in the midst of the pandemic. Top teams will be given the chance to present and have their inventions critiqued by some of the country’s distinguished engineers in the field of machine design.

Rube Goldberg Machine Design Challenge (Inter-Course)

Scholars from different campuses of the UP System will be competing in creating the best Rube Goldberg machine. They will be given two weeks to create and film a run of their machine. Top entries will be posted in the official page of MDS Online where viewers will decide which machine should be awarded the first, second, and third prize.

Minecraft Redstone Machine Challenge (Inter-High School)

Aspiring engineers from the high school level will be discovering how far their creativity can take them in the Minecraft Redstone Machine Challenge. Restricted to work on building redstone machines within a time limit, participants will have to make do with limited resources to beat their equally eager and ingenious competitors.

CAD for Dummies: Getting Started with Fusion 360

CAD for Dummies: Getting Started with Fusion 360 will be a two day CAD workshop instructed by Autodesk’s academic partner, MechaniWeb. Students, teachers, professionals, hobbyists, and anyone interested are welcome to join us in exploring Fusion 360 and learning how to use it to bring engineering projects to life.

3DR: Three Discussions on Real Life, Research, and Recreation

3DR will be a series of talks from esteemed guests from the academe, industry, public service, and other equally admirable ventures. The talks aim to investigate different perspectives surrounding machine design and more. Students, teachers, professionals, hobbyists, and anyone interested are welcome to join us as we learn about the different ways machine design works

Machine Design Summit Online 2020 is the 6th iteration of UP Gears and Pinions’ MDS. Join us as we venture in the world of machine design, online!

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