UP Fair Friday: Cosmos

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Which Planet are you in the Cosmos universe?

Cosmo the Astronaut created a bang at last year’s UP Fair. Now, he’s back to explore new planets and go beyond his usual fair experience, and he’s taking us all along with him. Take a sneak peek at the stories behind each planet and see which planet your alien self belongs to!

Planet Jazz

Living in a desert planet with an ancient civilization and rich history, Jazz aliens are a highly traditional people with deep cultural roots. They are peaceful and like discovering more about themselves and appreciating where they come from. The inhabitants of Planet Jazz are curious, artistic, and culture-loving creatures.


Planet Soul

Planet Soul is a tropical paradise, full of rich resources and lots of room for creativity! The inhabitants live in the merchant planet and enjoy being productive and creating lots of interesting things. The terrain of Planet Soul creates a laid-back atmosphere among those living on the planet. These aliens inhabiting Planet Soul are peaceful, serene, and value in preserving the beauty of their planet.


Planet Reggae

Planet Reggae is a lush and humid planet filled with fun-loving creatures who love to help each other out! These creatures on Planet Reggae co-exist with the other aliens around them and have a great sense of love and appreciation for their culture and music. These aliens are very friendly, affectionate, and hospitable, especially to the other creatures from other galaxies.


Adventurer (Cosmo the Astronaut)

Like Cosmo, you’re a natural adventurer and have a love of everything new and unexplored! Stick with him as he never stays on one planet for too long and explores the rest of the Cosmic Universe!


Witness the culmination of Cosmos’s adventure through the galaxy at UP Fair Friday: Cosmos. Gear up for an astounding lineup of 26 musical acts including Callalily, Silent Sanctuary, Hale, Ben&Ben, and Itchyworms, just to name a few! Get ready to jam with some of the country’s best OPM bands and artists, together with a number of rising acts all in one stellar night. Alongside our advocacy, Cosmos envisions equality for all through the celebration of local talents as means to promote our unique music and culture.

UP Fair Friday: Cosmos will be held on February 16, 2018 at the University of the Philippines Diliman Sunken Garden with a ticket price of Php 80 for UP students and Php 120 for non-UP students. All of the proceeds from the UP Fair Cosmos will be donated to the Kids Integrated Development through Schooling (KIDS) and the UP JMA Scholarship Fund.

UP Fair Cosmos is brought to you by the UP Junior Marketing Association, in partnership with the University Student Council.