UP Engineering’s Fierce Fashion and My Favorite Band Gracenote #Maskipaps2012

When in Manila, have you tried asking yourself how ‘Maski Papaano Maysuot’ looks like? Maskipaps as I’ve learned only a day ago of the event actually means ‘at least your wear something’ or ‘Maski Papaano Maysuot’ in Filipino. Its like a showcase of music and fashion show with a twist organized by Beta Epsilon in the annual UP Engineering week. 



It’s quite an experience for me since it’s actually my first time to watch it, though I entered UP Diliman as an Industrial Engineering major. I’ve heard of it before, but maybe I’ve decided not to check it out or what. But then seeing or covering in a different lens quite caught me off guard, there’s more into it than just a show of skin or rock music.



Am fully aware as you know about the culture or environment of Engineering students, so maybe they have all the stress on their major or ES subjects (insert smile here) for them to push for such a fierce fashion show. This kinda show somehow gave them a way to think of fashion, adventure or showcase their creativity or talent. Okay, that sounds like an excuse or should we say they want to see their friends, classmates or org-mates in such a dress. Nothing personal and just call it pure fun. Also, its a display of their organizational loyalties since its a contest among different organizations based in UP Engineering.

Straight from a photography workshop by UP Photography Society and Nikon Philippines  I did rush to the venue to catch up with the preparations, hair and make-up, and dressing of the contestants. Good thing that one of my friend JP accompany me to shoot and also Jop, both were my photography friends. The show was quite late to start and its a good thing since we don’t missed anything. We went to the 3rd floor immediately of the Melchor Hall wherein 3 rooms were occupied by student models. We shoot candidly, just like invisible media-men to the students while they were dressed up by their peers.


Sometimes I felt the need to introduce ourselves just to make the student-models comfortable while we were shooting them. Of course, there were some who strike a pose while others just pretended that we weren’t there. Its amazing how much sweat, time and tears these students have poured into to make their respective costumes into fruition. To say it bluntly, the costumes were creative, elegant, gorgeous, daring and some others really quite intimidating.

Glase Fajardo and friends on the extremely popular Jejemon pose

Marla Tricia Joy Morris having the time of her life, FUN!

 Jonah Anjelou Ecito, ngingiti na yan…

Kian Alberto in blue and her friend, in green. Coolest dresses ever!

The Ultimate Body painting 

At the show proper, we were guided by Ochi (our organizer-guide) on the programming and some protocols. Its also good that we have access to shoot on any areas including the backstage. Program flows with band playing on intermission then the fashion show, and goes on in alternate manner. Bands who played were Anton and the Salvadors, The Squibs, Minus Juan, Gracenote, Bleu Rascals, Earthmover and Giniling Festival. Also, with participation of UP Music Circle, UP Underground Music Community, and UP Delta Lambda Sigma Sorority. Delta Lambda Sigma Sorority did a special performance via a fashion show, its quite cool actually. Their dress were gorgeous plus their smile, I should special mention Jesse Solis in this case. Oh, did I ever mention that the hosts were so jolly and funny too?

On the side, I get to ask some questions and converse with some student participants. Many of them disclosed, that they don’t ask permission for their parents or simply never told them that they were to join or the details of the event. Some students thought that their parents may not understand or simply were conservative as to be informed on such show. But of course, there were some who told their parents but kept some information or details in secret. How was that? Also, motivations I’ve heard why they have guts to join the show was that their orgmates were supportive, for the sake of competition or simply to try an adventurous stuff. I know one gal who showed her mother some of her pictures, good thing it turned out fine (nice one). I know some who requested me to take down their photo/s or simply don’t mention their names on the article (don’t worry guys).

Arizza  surreal moves, surname withheld 

Marla Tricia Joy Morris – Maldita Look and her not that daring dress, she said.

 Nina Meily – the lady gaga style, Very creative on emotion. My Fave Choreography!

 Delta Lambda Sigma sisters before they went up stage – They’re praying I guess!

Jesse  Solis – on fashion show, very composed “)

 Marda Alina Ramirez Dumaoang (at center) and her KEM group! Go Marda!

 Marielle Belen in green & Maja Lagonera  in blue – of IE Club! Gladly welcome the ambush photo!

 Marielle Elaida Monteclaro (center), Genielinn Maranan and Eunice Garcia.

The special treat for the night among the bands for me was GRACENOTE. They were really rockin. They introduced their first album “First Movement” and did sang some originals. Just when they went up the stage, the crowds erupted. Oh, the most beautiful rock rendition they did of ‘When I Dream About You’ was simply amazing. Eunice (the band vocals) sang ‘When I Dream About You’ quite so lovely actually that guys were shouting her name. How was that huh?

While Gracenote was playing on stage, I chatted w Jam Rances. Jam is their new road manager and she’s so approachable and welcoming too. After their set, I catch up with them (thanks for Jam who ushered me in) at Melchor Hall basement and their goes the most honest and candid conversations that went further.

Gracenote is composed of Eunice Jorge (Vocals,Keyboards,Violin,Guitars), Chen Pangan (Lead Guitars/Back up), Jazz Jorge (Bass), EJ Pichay (Drums). I actually met Eunice a couple of times and taken photo with her, but this is the night we talked more intimately as I can handle. She’s quite composed this time, details of our conversation let’s just say is simply personal. And so sorry, I miss calculated her age as she asked me to try guessing (Hey ya!) I did discover how the band was formed, that Jazz is Eunice’s brother and that EJ was so interested with the fusion of science and music. EJ a very cool guy, has some interest in the end of the world and some predictions!

This band has lots of potential, great music and was formed with a purpose. Am so looking forward for the transformation that they will usher people into as they let out their God-given talents and aspirations. This is not a paid plug or advertisement, just please get their 1st album “First Movement” (its all original compositions) and watch-out for their upcoming one!

When in Manila, ‘dapat maski papaano may suot ka’. In Translation, when in Manila at least wear something. On a serious note, we should not judge people simple on what they wear, their music, their style or simply their outward appearance. As it said, man looks at the outward appearance but what truly matters is the heart. Know some people better, you might be surprised they were more than what they fashionally appear.

For complete photos you can check out this Photo Album and  Facebook page!

#Maskipaps2012 was held at UP Engineering Stes, UP Diliman, QC

Check also the following links for updates:
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Some Photos Credits: JP Dacanay!

Gracenote Band on Twitter:  @EuniceGracenote – vocals @ChenGracenote – guitars @JazzGracenote– bass @EjGracenote – drums

UP Engineering’s Fierce Fashion and My Favorite Band Gracenote #Maskipaps2012


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