Unilab Fit to Win Expression Session: “Keep Calm and Express Yourself”

When in Manila and you’re a college student who follows a healthy lifestyle, well then feel free to join the Fit to Win Youth Club by Unilab!



Unilab Fit to Win Youth Club


Unilab founded the Fit to Win Youth Club for all the college students from Metro Manila. It is said to be the first youth club that broadens health awareness and instills the importance of a healthy lifestyle by giving programs and activities which are helpful and essential to the youth’s overall well-being.


IMG_0150The friendly PR, Koji.


Just last April 5, 2013 at The Bar @ 1951 in Malate, Unilab Fit to Win Youth Club sponsored an event entitled “Keep Calm and Express Yourself: The Expression Session”. It aimed to develop the youth’s interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships through a panel discussion and open forum.



“Keep Calm and Express Yourself”


Club members listened, shared and exchanged their thoughts, ideas and opinions with the featured speakers Ramon Bautista, Arun Gogna and Jojie Racelis. They were encouraged to express their views on some personal matters like love, family and friendship.



Sir Ramon Bautista, Miss Jojie Racelis, Sir Barry Barrientos and Sir Arun Gogna


As per Unilab Corporate Affairs Division Manager, Sir Barry Barrientos, “The Expression Session aims to create and foster healthy relationships with others and with their own selves. Because youth are often subjected to the many stress that come with daily school life, this is the chance for them to unwind and mingle with other college students. This is the perfect venue for them to share problems such as insecurity issues, friendship dilemmas and love queries.”


In addition to that, Unilab Fit to Win Youth Club wanted to create a place where the youth can be ease with themselves and with each other as they proceed onwards in creating a healthier lifestyle.


Ok, let me share some more about that night…



It was actually my first time to see Sir Ramon in person. I got really starstruck that I wasn’t able to take down notes.

And yes… YES!

I was so fascinated and I found myself enjoying the moment.

Ssshh.. I instantly became like one of the college students who are suffering from “KILIG MUCH” syndrome. HAHAHAHA..



Sir Ramon Bautista: Ultimate Crush ng Bayan


Going back to the main event… there were several thoughts from the panelists that made an impact and gathered reactions from participants.


On Love


Sir Ramon said, “For those who keep on searching for love, there are more important things we can do other than finding our one true love, especially if you’re still young. You need to find yourself first before building a healthy, meaningful relationship with others. Work on being a better YOU, rediscover yourself.”

I couldn’t agree more.

You really have to discover all the possibilities that life has to offer. Embrace and enjoy it.


On Hate


Sir Arun paused for a second and just asked the participants this one simple question: “Yung mga taga-Africa ba, masasaktan tayo or kaya ba tayong saktan?”

He didn’t actually explain it further, yet I fully understood what he was trying to say.

No one could really hurt us unless they knew us well, especially when they already knew our weaknesses.




 National and International Lay Preacher, Sir Arun Gogna with my bestfriend Jessa.


On the other hand, Miss Jojie relayed this wonderful quote: “Hate is not the opposite of love, indifference is.”

Kinda familiar, isn’t it?

I knew you once liked this quote on Facebook. ü



Miss Jojie Racelis while sharing thoughts with other club members.



And to end the discussion, Sir Arun left these perfect thoughts to ponder, well I guess for me, it’s perfect.

“Your emotions are your friends. Pag kinilig ka, it’s good. When you’re lonely, it’s good. It’s okay, your emotions are your friends, they are not your enemies. But they are NEVER your Masters. There is only one Lord. There is only one Master. And let him be your Master.”