Unboxing the DTC G2: My First Dual Sim and TV Phone which I Ordered from Lazada.com.ph

my 1st Lazada.com.ph experience! 



Allow me to do this quick post and share with you this phone which I got at Lazada.com.ph I got very impressed with the speedy delivery of Lazada.com.ph so I believe they deserve to be praised! I haven’t done any purchases online for quite some time for I got very frustrated with the delivery service of the site I used to order from (I won’t be mentioning the name anymore).


Anyways, as you know I’m not really a techie person but I believe that everyone is entitled to share their views about anything.  I’ve been very curious about having a phone with a TV feature since I hardly have time to be updated with what’s going on around me not to mention my friends teasing me about being sooooo behind with current events huhuhuhu! Things like, “Nood nood din dapat minsan…” are statements which I usually hear from them. And so because I’m a very practical buyer, I don’t really plan to spend a fortune on a tv phone for now since I have very limited budget so when I saw that Lazada.com.ph had this offer which was within my allotted budget…. I just had to have it! hihihi It’s the DTC G2 phone which I got for only  2,799php! 


This DTC G2 phone is also a dual sim phone! Yey! Aside from that, it’s also a touch phone with a 3.2 ” lcd screen, a dual camera (3MP), Java and internet capability!! I was surprised because they delivered it the next day!! Huwaw!!!


Let me show you the actual unboxing of my DTC G2...




When I got the package, I was surprised with the extra freebies included! It even came with a free umbrella! Thank you Lord! lols




 next day no hassle delivery from lazada.com.ph 

the package even came with extra freebies!




DTC G2:  my first tv phone!




 the 1st thing i saw when I opened the box were these business cards..








 the package includes a batt, earphones, micro 5 pin charger, micro 5 pin data cable and a user manual!




the 3MP camera also has a flash

I had difficulty in opening the back of the unit to install the sim and batt, so I had to read the manual hihii!

Afterwards, I learned that opening it was quite easy! I just had to press and pull it down a bit! 




 installing the sim…



 I really hope the battery life will be long enough to last more than a day..




 time to turn it on!! tadah!



 I immediately got curious about the TV feature so I scanned the available local channels right away!!



 I was in the room that time, the signal was low so I had to go out….




 finally, in less than a minute, I was able to watch tv! Tagumpay!!!

the audio was also very loud! I’m glad I made a good purchase!




of course, I had to test its phone features… 



I would have to say that though my thumb was big for the keys, I didn’t experience any mistakes while typing as I would often experience with my current ultra sensitive touch response phone. You just have to press it a bit more tho. It looked much like a normal android phone with apps and all (though it ain’t running on android). Though it doesn’t have wi-fi feature, you can still update your social media outlets with the use of your network provider’s internet service (like what I use). The screen’s resolution is not as high of course since it isn’t really a high end phone. I may say, it’s a very practical dual-sim, tv and touch phone for people who would like to enjoy such features without spending a fortune!


I can’t wait to tell you more about my future practical buys! It’s really fun to shop and hunt for good deals when in Manila especially when you buy from a reliable online store such as Lazada.com.ph!









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Unboxing the DTC G2: My First Dual Sim and TV Phone which I Ordered from Lazada.com.ph

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