Ugnayan Two-Day Art Camp Makes Its Way To Baguio City

Are you ready for the most extensive art camp which is the first of its kind? Book your tickets to Baguio City as “Ugnayan: A Holistic Art Experience” comes to the City of Pines!

Whether you’re an experienced artist or a beginner, Ugnayan will surely have something for you. This two-day art camp will be held at Quezon Hall Main, Teachers Camp, Baguio City, on December 3-4, 2022. Not only will Ugnayan offer various art classes, it will also end with a bang as well-renowned Musketeers holds their first ever show titled “Ang Mahiwagang Shoe Box.”

Ugnayan will encompass three different workshops open to everyone–Music, Visual Arts, and Dance workshops. Each workshop will be led by local artists from Manila and Baguio, truly embodying the spirit of pag-uugnay or connection. Ugnayan aspires to become a platform for artists to link different art forms and to bridge the gap between artists from the Manila center and the provinces.

This notable event is organized by Batobalani Artists Collective (BAC)–a group of creative individuals who aspire to make the local arts accessible to everyone. The collective is led by national dance icon Jobert Lachica, previously a Dance Mentor at TV 5’s “Popinoy”, and a choreographer to several music videos you watch on screen.

Ugnayan Final Poster

If this doesn’t get you excited enough, maybe the instructors will!

Who would’ve thought you’d see that “Manila x Baguio” collaboration between esteemed artists? As promised, each workshop will be filled-to-the-brim with knowledge coming from different places. To start off, the Dance Class will be taught by none other than James Wong and Daryl Gonzales. 

Have you ever seen Sam Concepcion’s “Diwata” music video? If you have, you must be familiar with Sam’s smooth dance moves. Well, the man behind those cool dance steps is James Wong. James is a professional dancer who has extensive experience in choreographing, directing, and coaching performers in different projects. On the other hand, Daryl also brings pride to the Summer Capital, as he has won 5th place in World Supremacy Battlegrounds 2015 and was declared Champion in Red Hip Hop 2015.

Hold your horses as we have more brilliant instructors coming your way! 

For the Visual Arts Class, Niko Francisco and Jad Dela Cruz will be elevating your lens and painting techniques. Niko Francisco is a lens-based visual artist focusing on portrait, fashion, and travel photography. In his class, he’d love to teach you how to turn photography into business, and make some moolah with your skills! Meanwhile, Jad–a full-time conceptual/contemporary artist with a degree in Fine Arts from University of the Philippines–will teach you how to prepare, process, and use natural pigment as paint.

Last, but definitely not the least, Elle Sebastian from Manila, and Benson Moga, Roy Tupong, and Jason Domling from Baguio City will lead the Music Workshop. Elle is a singer-songwriter who has several hits on Spotify. Try tuning into her singles, including Panahon, Bahaghari, and Silent Night. Benson, Roy, and Jason are all alumni of the Cordillera Cultural Performing Group, and they will be teaching you how to play Cordilleran instruments, such as Tambi, Tungatong, and Dinnuyah.

What are you waiting for? Hurry and register because there are limited slots!

Ugnayan is a place for everyone–beginners, experts, or artists looking to go out of their boxes. For just a fee of Php 400.00 per class, you can experience world-class talent unveiled before your eyes! Of course, we offer 50% off for students and other like-minded individuals who belong to any arts/performing groups. There are also great deals for people who want to take all three classes! We see you and appreciate you.

If you’re not up for taking a class but you want to see Musketeers and Baguio’s very own Clique 2600 perform, you can avail a show-only ticket for Php 250.00. Students get to see this show for Php 150.00 only!

What’s slowing you down? This fun-filled two-day workshop is nothing like you’ve ever seen yet! Click here to register!