Uglies Gatecrash Beautifulpeople Website via Shrek Virus

For the oddest news of the week, 3,000 less-than-good-looking people have gained access to, a dating site where members are exclusively screened for qualification through their so-called “good-looking” photos. They did manage to scrap off the invaders later on, and even set up a hotline to nurse hurt feelings of the rejects. What the!?!

What is their criteria for beauty? How do they know if that Ashley Greene lookalike isn’t a surrogate? lol In the first place, why would you enter a dating site where the opposite sex will judge you only through your looks? I kinda wanna relive my ‘Aqua’ days because of this:

It’s no surprise to find that their website was hacked. I guess the culprit could be someone whose application was rejected, or someone who likes to poke fun at the already ridiculous objective of the website. But honestly, I don’t care about that. What I wanna know is who in his genius mind created this masterpiece of a website?

One of the people who were once constantly rejected by the site but got access through the virus later on got to chat with a handful of the users on the website, only to find out that he’ll be booted out again later on. “Sorry to inform you, you’re not beautiful enough…” I just hope he’s not vulnerable enough to get affected by that crap.

On the other hand, When In Manila, I might want to try my luck on that site. I have a good feeling I might get in *wink* *wink*. (notice the sarcasm)

And to top it all off…


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