Twitter user asks: “what’s the most UP thing you’ve ever done?” — we’ve compiled the answers

Ateneo students may have started the stream of stories that quintessentially represented their university life, but it quickly became a trend that several other schools jumped on. One of the first schools to follow was predictably the University of the Philippines.

Not a school to be beaten, someone on Twitter asked: “What’s the most UP thing you’ve ever done?”

Stories that had to do with saving on food were the norm. @cleverlynmayuga talks about a working thesis session where she and her friends bummed off the table next to them.


To add to the coffee shop stories, @treeshaaaaaaa mentions leeching off her friends’ orders to get free milk:


These resourceful students talk about the less conventional ways to fill your stomach. @Punongbayan_ tweets about going to UP Asterisk exhibit openings for the snacks and cocktails.


While @genesisxsantos shares his strategy of attending org orientations for the free food — without ever joining an Org.

An anonymous submission talks about being short on cash and clapping instead of buying chasers for their shots.


Showing a different kind of resourcefulness, @gonzalezzdodis talks about going to computer shops and claiming the forgotten USB’s in times of need.


@cleverlynmayuga shares another story. This one is about having to hitch a ride with a random motorist along Edsa Taft just to make it in time for her morning exam. A test which she assures us she got an uno in — very Iska.



@mikaylateodoro’s anecdote shows the creativity of students and professors alike. When her class’ only option was to watch a movie on two separate laptops with no speakers some students volunteered to read the subtitles out loud. With feeling, of course!


And I think this one speaks for itself:



It’s interesting to see how different the realities of each university student are depending on where they studied. What’s your university story?