TWICE Fan Creates Own Merch 2 Hours Before Concert

TWICE rocked the SM MOA Arena during the Manila stop of their TWICE LIGHTS World Tour on June 29. It was attended by Onces (Twice fans) from all over the Philippines and beyond. The area was littered with people selling merchandise, official and otherwise. However, instead of buying items, Albert Raqueño decided to make his own instead. On the spot. 2 hours before the concert.

The project was conceived on the day itself, right before Albert left home for the concert. He brought along his leftover acrylic paint and bought a plain black shirt as soon as the store opened. “The design was kind of on the spot, good thing I remembered the particular thumbnail of my favorite fancam video of her,” he shares.

Albert has been a fan of TWICE since 2017 and, as we’ve observed, his bias is Ji-hyo. You can check out his art on his Instagram (@bert_draws) and on Facebook (

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What do you think of Albert’s art?