Tuscany 101: Where to Stay, What to do and Where to Eat when in Tuscany, Italy PART 1 (Pisa, Lucca & Viareggio)

As a travel enthusiast, I must say that the recent opening of Qatar Airways’ Manila to Pisa route, is an answered prayer  to anyone dreaming of touring this enchanting region. Last month, I was fortunate to be one of the lucky souls  to be a part of this momentous  flight, and get the chance to tour around Tuscany for a full week, organized by Toscana Promozione Turistica  and Qatar Airways. =)

Tuscany Qatar Airways

So, for this this special feature, allow me to take you on a tour on what to see, do, eat, buy and even where to stay, when you decide to visit Tuscany.

How to get there:

The best way to reach Tuscany from Manila is to fly via Qatar Airways. As mentioned earlier, Qatar Airways now flies from Manila to Pisa, Italy with a stop-over in Doha, Qatar. Be sure to subscribe to their mailing list, to get the latest news and promos.

Additional Tips:

  1. If you plan to visit during summer time in Europe (June to September), be sure to bring sun block and a hat as it tends to be really hot.
  2. Buy a local 4G simcard so you can use it for google maps, google translate, connect with loved ones and upload photos on social media.
  3. Bring a powerbank to ensure you won’t run out of battery.
  4. Use an anti-theft bag to secure belongings. Be sure to secure all your valuables especially in touristy spots. For this trip, I used my Pacsafe bag and luggage with anti-theft features to gain peace of mind. 
  5. As much as possible, buy your Euros in Manila, and be sure your credit card has enough credit limit.

Day 1: Pisa

Where to Stay: 

When in Pisa, I highly recommend you stay at Hotel Bologna along Via Giuseppe Mazzini. This charming 4 star hotel provides utmost comfort and is located right at the heart of the historical center of Pisa.




Aside from its elegant spacious rooms, I will also never forget the daily breakfasts which I truly enjoyed. I’m a big fan of their food!

What to do:

Go on a walking tour in the medieval town of Pisa and spend a full afternoon at the Piazza dei Miracoli, the Square of Miracles. Here, you will get to see one of Italy’s most famous landmarks, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and the other beautiful buildings that surround it – the Baptistery, the Cathedral and the Monumental Cemetery (representing the cycle of life).




Of course, never miss the chance to take a mandatory tourist shot of yourself with the famous leaning tower. I also highly suggest you go inside and climb the tower to view the whole town from there.

while climbing the tower...

while climbing the tower…


View from the Leaning Tower of Pisa

View from the Leaning Tower of Pisa


If you’re in need of some signature Italian pampering, I also recommend you try the Spa and Wellness treatments at Bagni di Pisa Hotel.



Where to Eat:

Check out the coffee shop/gelateria right in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and try out their creamy iced coffee! It’s definitely one of the best I’ve tried during the trip!


Cap off the evening with an exquisite Tuscan food and wine at Osteria dei Cavalieri, located just a few steps away from Piazza dei Miracoli.



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