Turn Your Ideas Into Reality at San Beda Alabang’s Marketing Congress 2019

Explore your visionary wonders and escape a world of boundaries with MarkCon Revelio: Turn Your Ideas Into Reality”

San Beda College Alabang’s Biggest Marketing Event, Marketing Congress 2019, will be held at San Beda College Alabang on September 12, 2019, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm. The event, entitled “Revelio – Turn Your Ideas Into Reality” will tackle various topics such as bootstrapping, content marketing, visual marketing, Industry partnerships, social media engagements, and Marketing Innovation.

MarkCon 2019 is a place to stretch the boundaries of reality. Join in with various schools from the metro and get together and integrate yourselves through the world of business, and make your dreams a reality.

The event will feature some of the industry’s top marketers and entrepreneurs. Learn up close and live from the minds of the following business leaders:

Sean Si – A Filipino motivational speaker, blogger, writer, web developer and SEO specialist in profession, and the founder and editor-in-chief of SEO Hacker. Sean has created a reputation for himself, that no business dares question his expertise. Leadership, management and personal growth have always been Sean’s emphasis on his talks.

Jerry Yao – Philippines’ Marketing Sensei who has been developing marketers since 2008, Jerry remains a household name in marketing and continues to spread marketing excellence within the country.

Kian Kazemi – Former PBB housemate, Iranian-Filipino Actor, and CEO-CFO Explorer of the Industry. Kian’s secrets to his successes are the gifts from his travels and wisdom from various cultures. Kian has openly applied various cultures in his business and brought diversity to the country.

Lastly, RJ Ledesma – RJ is a TV-show host, entrepreneur, and owner of Mercato Centrale. RJ has since then cemented his name in the history of Filipino entrepreneurs, the owning largest and most popular food market in the Philippines.

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