Turks’ New Endorser is the Actor We’ve All Been Waiting for to Return

Turks has finally revealed the mystery actor in their latest billboard who is said to be making a “return”.

Earlier in April, When In Manila spotted a mysterious looking billboard of Turks along the streets of Quezon City. Turks is a local food brand famous for their Pita Doner and Kebab, but their new billboard didn’t show any of their delicious products. Instead, it was a mere black and white image of a silhouette of a man looking away, with the logo of Turks behind him, and the words “Ang Pagbabalik” [The Return] written at the bottom in all caps as if to announce that something big was coming. Nay, coming back.

Turks’ billboard at Pinagkaisahan, QC

We reached out to Turks for comment, but they only provided us with a hint: the mystery man in the billboard is their new endorser. They said they were revealing his identity soon, in line with the announcement of the comeback of one of their all-time favorite items.
We posted about it on When In Manila Facebook here:

But we don’t have to guess any longer. Turks has finally revealed their mystery endorser’s identity and ARE YOU READY? If you guessed Empoy (like many people who did) then you’re….

WRONG. Because the man behind this mystery billboard, the actor making his “big comeback”, is none other than the movie leading man we’ve all missed:



John Lloyd Cruz and the Small Pita Doner make a comeback for Turks

John Lloyd Cruz was on a hiatus for almost two years, taking a break from making movies and his busy celebrity life. But now the crowd-favorite actor is officially back and one of his first projects is as an endorser for Turks, to promote the return of one of their signature items.

We spoke to Turks about choosing JLC as the newest face of the brand, and they said this “Ang Pagbabalik” campaign is actually in line with the return of the Small Pita Doner to their menu. So, in fact, “Ang Pagbabalik” not only refers to John Lloyd Cruz’s return to the spotlight, but the return of an old favorite item to Turks stores as well.

Turks’ returning item—the Small Pita Doner

Turks specialty is their Pita Doners, which come in beef and chicken. Their doners are made up of premium meat, crisp vegetables (cucumber, tomatoes, and onion), and their signature sauces that really pull everything together deliciously. All these are of course served wrapped in a pita bread, always freshly baked when you order.

The returning Small Pita Doner is made of the same ingredients, but in a smaller package perfect for those looking for a lighter and more affordable snack. You can choose between beef and chicken for the meat, too, and even add cheese for extra flavor. The Small Pita Doner comes at only P35, almost half the price of the regular Pita Doner which is priced at P60. According to Turks, the return of this item has been much demanded and awaited by their loyal patrons, and now it’s back—with John Lloyd Cruz to boot.

The new Turks Doner Bowl

Also new in the menu is the Doner Bowl, for P50, which is made up of Turks signature doner ingredients but served mixed in a bowl rather than the traditional pita bread. A variant that we imagine is perfect for those eating on the go.

With a fan-favorite item like the Small Pita Doner finally returning to Turks’ menu, we can’t imagine anything better than matching it with the comeback of another fan-favorite—John Lloyd Cruz.

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Welcome back, Lloydie!

Did you miss John Lloyd Cruz? What project or movie do you want to see him do now that he’s returned? Tell us in the comments!

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