Trolls: An Unexpectedly Fun and Amazing Movie for the Whole Family

“Trolls” is one of those movies that I really didn’t expect to love… as in REALLY LOVE. In fact, I originally wasn’t even interested in seeing it in the first place.

Since I had grown up with the original Trolls dolls, the look of the Trolls in the movie didn’t exactly appeal to me. I felt like I was being cheated out of my childhood and I thought I would spend the whole movie complaining about how it wasn’t living up to the Trolls that we once knew and loved. Boy, was I wrong!


I was asked to review “Trolls” for When in Manila and since my daughter had been pestering me to watch the movie in the cinemas with her, I figured I might as well just go. Even after one of my colleagues told me that she loved the movie when she watched the sneak preview, I didn’t feel any excitement before going into the cinemas at all.

As such, I was completely surprised when I found myself singing to all of the songs in the movie (my favorite was “Sound of Silence”) and laughed out loud to all of the jokes (my favorite was the random “I smell like gravy” part).

It isn’t any wonder why the cast of the voices of the Trolls is so star-studded. The movie is fun, light, unexpected and just so full of joy – a very refreshing treat for the whole family! I highly recommend you check it out when you can!

WATCH There's a Trolls Movie, and Here's a Teaser!

Special thanks to PMCM Management and Resorts World Manila for the awesome screening last November 3. 🙂