Trio Italian Bistro at Bonifacio Global City: Must Try Their Divine Desserts!!

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When in Manila, I’m sure you’d agree that  Filipinos are crazy about Italian food that we even adopted spaghetti as our own! Most restaurants, cafes and fast food chains always have pasta in their menus! Moreoever, the number or Italian bistros and restos have been popping out like mushrooms all over the metropolis that sometimes we have difficulty in choosing where to dine!


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For this feature, I’d like to share to you a chic Italian bistro which I believe you’d appreciate especially when you’re around Bonifacio Global City! Right at the Fort Strip is a place called the Trio Italian Bistro! Also, it’s truly an honor to have my photography teacher Sir James Nicolay as our special guest for this evening! He’s a foodie as well! hihihii



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The interiors were quite impressive with its cozy furniture and chic decor! I felt really excited to check out the menu!




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Joining us this week are Sir James Nicolay, my photography teacher and his friend Nikki!




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Their Manager Sir Edward was there to tell us more about the menu!




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It was quite a very challenging shoot! Good thing Sir James was there to give us some tips!



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We were served with a feast of their best sellers!



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 Trio Salad: Mesclun and arugula with dried cranberries, gorgonzola, candied walnuts tossed in raspberry vinaigrette




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 Capricciosa: Salami, smoked ham, tomatos, basil, mushrooms, mozzarella and egg




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It’s my 1st ever time to experience boiled egg on my pizza… 





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 Pescatore : Clams, Mussels, shirmp and squid in special pomodoro sauce



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 it was great having them for dinner!


It was such a pleasure to have dinner with Sir James and Nikki! I really appreciate his teachings. He sure knows how to  effectively make people understand how things work. His  lectures are very clear and inspiring. I noticed that there are many photography instructors today who create stunning artistic shots but dunno how to effectively teach them to their students…. so in class, the students  end up watching their teacher’s works but leaves clueless on how to at least operate their cameras. I’m confident to say that with Sir James’ class, you’ll never go home clueless but rather very eager and inspired to apply everything you’ve learned! He offers the most affordable photography classes as well!



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  Grilled Pork Chops topped with mushroom and peppercorn sauce

This dish was voted as the best that night! The meat was  tender and cooked nicely and the sauces tasted great!




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Now let’s check out the desserts!



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 Chocolate Cake: Rich and decadent flourless  chocolate cake

As you can see, the presentation is so impressive. I may say it was a pretty decent chocolate cake.




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 Pannacotta: A silky rich Italian classic custard

I love the presentation but the custard wasn’t as thick as expected. I believe this can still be improved.




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 Siena: Chocolate Ganache and caramel in an oreo cookie crust

 I believe this is their signature dessert! Though I’m not a big fan of overly sweet desserts, I loved the combination of the ganache and caramel. The Oreo crust and crushed walnuts gave the texture it needed.



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I believe the overall experience was fine!  The interiors were very comfy and classy…. fit for the BGC crowd and for families who want to celebrate  special occasions etc. In terms of the food, there is so much more room for improvement! I noticed the wide variety of dishes in their menu and I really hope that people will check out the other hidden treasures which they offer! Personally, it was the desserts which impressed me the most! I’m thankful that their Manager Sir Edward was very open with the constructive criticisms and suggestions which we made! Thank You Sir Edward for being so professional.



So when in Manila, make it a point to experience the food and fine ambiance at  Trio Italian Bistro!




2nd floor Fort Pointe Building, The Fort Strip, Fort Bonifacio, Global City, Taguig City
Tel: (63 2) 8841601




Special thanks to Frank Ruaya and Badeth Compuesto for these yummy shots!




Trio Italian Bistro at Binifacio Global City: Must Try Their Divine Desserts!!