Trick Eye Museum Singapore: Taking Virtual Reality to a New (Fun) Level!

Planning a trip to Singapore soon? If you’re looking for something different to do, then you need to check out this cool museum that my friend TJ and I visited on our last trip out of the country.

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Located in Resorts World Sentosa, Trick Eye Museum Singapore can be a little hard to find at first, but just ask around and you will soon find this interactive museum hidden away in the back. There, you’ll be able to enjoy a fun few hours with your friends or relatives. Just make sure you visit the place with at least one other person, so you have someone to take your pictures – and videos!!! – there for you.

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Of course, you can take selfies, too – but you won’t be able to enjoy the AR effects that way. :p

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While I have been to similar trick eye museums before, Trick Eye Museum Singapore was a whole new experience for me. See, as opposed to just having wall paintings and pictures to pose with, some of their exhibits now have added Augmented Reality (AR) features that you can activate with their awesome Trick Eye app, which is available free of charge at the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Even my aerial thunder thighs couldn’t help me get up. That panda is such a show-off. ????

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All you have to do is install the app (make sure you install the Singapore version, though, and not the Korean one as the Korean one will not work in this particular branch). After that, you can enjoy taking amazing videos at each exhibit. (Insider tip: bring a fully charged powerbank as the app can eat up a lot of your battery, especially if you end up overdoing it with the poses like we did. :p)


And the Best Actress Award goes to….. ????

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Thanks to its proprietary Augmented Reality (AR:T), you can expect not just cool AR effects that create realistic illusions at most of its exhibits, but also cute sounds and lights. Even without the app, the optical illusions are cool, but the AR experience really amps everything up with added special effects and unexpected realities.

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“By integrating augmented reality technology into our exhibits, we hope to align ourselves with Singapore’s vision of using technology and innovation to elevate our visitor experiences. Moreover, the different AR effects in our mobile application will be a fun way for visitors to experience this new technology, and bring them closer to art though optical illusions and AR technology,” says Ms. Sinare Lee, Director, Trick Eye Museum Singapore.

I do believe in fairies. I do. I do. @trickeyemuseumsg

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Overall, there are six themed zones with more than 50 exciting installations that you can visit to create memories with your imagination. The app offers fascinating glimpses of how digital technology can change our experience of art in the future and even the concept of viewing art in a new dimension. Trick Eye Museum Singapore is Singapore’s first 3D AR Museum and is definitely worth the visit the next time you are there.

Trick Eye Museum Singapore

Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore



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