TRAILER: We’re Feeling All the Feels Over this “I Am Heath Ledger” Documentary

It has been almost a decade since actor Heath Ledger passed away due to drug overdose. Nine years to be exact. It was the actor’s supposed 38th birthday this April. His most iconic roles are from the movies Brokeback Mountain and as Joker in The Dark Knight, his last film, and which won him an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor although he had already passed by then. His award was accepted in his behalf by his family.

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As a look-back to actor’s life, American cable network has created a documentary “I Am Heath Ledger” taking a closer look at Ledger’s lifehis family, friends, and career as an artist. It was a life somehow traced with shadows and darkness, but an incredible one, still. Ledger’s sister, Kate Ledger, appears on the documentary, as well as some friends and notable directors he’s worked with, such as Ang Lee. Missing in the documentary though is his widow, actress Michelle Williams.

In the trailer, Ledger’s friend Christina Cauchi shares: “There were always cameras around. A video camera, or a polaroid camera or a film camera. That’s what I think when I think of him: the camera in the hand.”

Watch the moving trailer here:

I Am Heath Ledger will be released on May 2017.

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