Traffic Enforcer Allegedly Screams at Driver, Claims PWD Cards are Not Granted Exemptions in Makati

Traffic enforcers can both be either scary and rude or nice and accommodating. While I’m happy to see traffic enforcers who do their job well, there are still several others who seem to be so happy with the power they have that they tend to abuse it. One of the things I hate most is when they start to scream and shout, scaring you to surrendering and even admitting something you didn’t do.

Earlier today, this mom went to something a similar experience when a traffic enforcer from Makati allegedly started yelling at her for a violation. Read her experience below.

“Makati City event of the morning: stopped by a traffic enforcer who was yelling at me rudely before I even had my window open, changed my supposed violation twice (I stopped because the driver of an illegally parked car entered his vehicle and in doing so nearly hit mine with his door). Instead of yelling at the illegally parked car, he blocked my car with his motorbike and started screaming at me to hand over my license, that my son’s PWD card and our PWD marked car “were not granted exemptions by the city of Makati”, at the top of his lungs, angrily and repeatedly. I replied calmly that to my knowledge, I was allowed to take my child to and from school with this PWD card. Then I shut my window and sat there as I saw no reason to deal with his incessant screaming which was beginning to scare me. I asked for a photo, for which he posed before rudely asking me to take more. He also photographed my car, and when I asked him to make everything clear by photographing my PWD sticker as well, he simply rode off.”

Rude Traffic Enforcer

I spoke to the mom and asked her for more info on the incident, and here’s what she said.

It was taken under the Buendia flyover on Kalayaan – I was exiting EDSA and entering BGC, where I live, after taking my son to school in Guadalupe Makati. The enforcer actually blocked me maybe 10 meters from the Welcome to BGC sign, which was officially Taguig and therefore out of his jurisdiction. I have been driving my son to school every morning for 3 years, and it is only twice when I have pass Kalayaan under the bridge (like today) or Guadalupe along the river that I have been actively harassed. My son in a PWD and our car is stickered as such. Normally when we are stopped and I show his ID, we are waved through. Inside Makati CBD the MAPSA are generally polite, and I normally pass the Buendia flyover (on top) to go from my son’s school to BGC but today I decided to try the EDSA Kalayaan route where I encountered this guy.”

Even IF this woman did not have a PWD card, this traffic enforcer still had no right to scream and shout at her. If she did violate any traffic rules, there are ways to apprehend motorists without being rude. One of the comments also shares a similar experience where the traffic enforcer claims their boss will be the PRESIDENT anyway.

Rude Traffic Enforcer Comment

Hmm… what do you think of this mom’s experience and the traffic enforcer’s rude attitude?


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