Tourism Like You’ve Never Known


Tourism Like You’ve Never Known


UP Diliman, Quezon City – Would you believe that TOURISM can literally be MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE? More than the sight-seeing, food tripping, and historical tours, INTUX cooked up an upcoming event that will definitely give a bizarre twist to today’s tourism which buffs, cynics and kibitzers alike will find too hard to resist! 

Listen to an experienced and successful travel consultant of more than 40 years in the industry, Mr. Bienvenido Claravall, as he gives an overview of the three mind-boggling topics of the night to pique your curiosity. Take a plunge into the mysterious depths of the marine world to unravel both its matchless beauty and countless bounty with Atty. Donn Rico Kapunan, a certified Open Water Scuba Diver of the world’s most respected, largest non-profit diver training organization – The National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI). From UNDERWATER, it will definitely be a taste of “truth stranger than fiction” when you fly out of space with the latest in ASTRONOMICAL TOURISM with the Chairman of the Philippine Astronomical Society, Engr. Milo Dacanay. From outer space, take a MYSTICAL tour of the Philippines from the country’s foremost authority on inner mind development, creative and intuitive management, paranormal phenomena, and Philippine mysticism, Mr. Jaime Licauco.

Afterwards, enjoy an evening of stargazing with the Philippine Astronomical Society plus Tarot Card Reading by the Esoteric Society of the Philippines (ESP). Learn more about various constellations. See our Milky Way’s nearest neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy, the Pleiades’ open cluster of stars rising to the East; Ursa Minor, Elephant’s Trunk nebula, double clusters of stars to the North; the Constellation Sagittarius where globular clusters of stars older than our galaxy abound and where the centre of our Milky Way is beaming, and many more! 

Let us take you to a one of a kind, 4-dimensional journey of the depths and the heights and the mystical world, and you will surely agree that it’s both More REAL & SURREAL Fun in the Philippines!

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Tourism Like You’ve Never Known

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