Tourism Destroying the World: “Gringo Trails” Movie Documentary About the Darker Side of Tourism

 Is Tourism Destroying the World? “Gringo Trails” Movie Documentary About the Darker Side of Tourism

Tourism Destroying the World Gringo Trails Documentary Movie About Dark Tourism


Is tourism destroying the world? 

That’s the question asked in the new documentary called “Gringo Trails” where American anthropologist Pegi Vail takes a deeper look at how unmanaged tourism can actually be hurting communities, ecosystems and our world. 

It’s a film that can probably shed light into how we should properly manage tourism growth and how to deal with the more negative effects of tourism.

With countries like the Philippines experiencing an upswing in their tourists, especially with tourism campaigns such as the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” ads and the current ASEAN tourism treaty, we probably need to also look into the proper management of tourists that will not harm our natural resources in the long run. 

 See the “Gringo Trails” movie documentary trailer here: 


 Mead Film “Gringo Trails” Trailer 


A Margaret Mead Filmmaker Award Contender.

A timely documentary raises urgent questions about how we travel and the unintended cultural and environmental consequences of tourism around the globe. Gringo Trails follows well-worn travelers’ routes through Latin America and beyond to Africa and Asia. The film reveals the complex relationships between colliding cultures, such as the host countries’ need for financial security and the tourists who provide it in their quest for authentic experiences. Through the stories of both travelers and locals, and with stunning footage from Bolivia, Thailand, Mali, and Bhutan, Gringo Trails explores the dramatic impact of travel and tourism around the world over the past 30 years.

Directed by: Pegi Vail


CNN Interview with American anthropologist Pegi Vail about Gringo Trails documentary movie


We were able to email Pegi Vail and this is what she said:

Thanks for reposting the CNN piece on your website! We are definitely hoping to screen in the Phillipines sometime. The doc is not yet released for DVD/consumer purchase as we are still beginning our festival screenings but hopefully, we will screen in New Zealand this year! The film (with my interview) was just featured yesterday on RadioLIVE New Zealand.
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You can find more info about the darker side of tourism and the movie documentary “Gringo Trails” here –

What do you think of this darker side of tourism? How should we better prepare for this and properly grow?


Is Tourism Destroying the World? “Gringo Trails” Documentary About the Darker Side of Tourism