Top Taper Fade Haircut This Year

Top Taper Fade Haircut This Year

Taper Fade Haircut

When it comes to a fade, “stylish” is no doubt the best word to define it. Fade haircuts, also referred to as fade haircuts, are ideal styles for guys who like wearing short hair, but still need manes for some styling on their crown. Basically, there are a variety of fade hairstyles out there, each with a unique styling.

One thing we cannot fail to note about fade cuts is that they look great with any hair texture. Whether you have curly or straight hair, you can get an amazing taper fade haircut to rock your type of hair, as well as your face shape. All you need is to make the right choice of the fade haircut. We are here to guide you in making your selection. Take a look.

Low Fade Hairstyle

This hairstyle is basically about tapering the hair. The fade doesn’t come with a vibrant contrast between the manes at the top and those on the sides. As such, this is the recommended haircut for the guys who want to rock fades for the first time, but are afraid of what the results might turn out to be. Stylish, soft, but still exuding a great sense of masculine; the low fade is the best hairstyle for all men.

However, it is worth noting that the low fade isn’t always the measure of the best looks if you don’t know how to style it perfectly. Because of this, you need to someone who knows how to style it the best by finding the right contrast between the hair at the top and that at the bottom.

Low Fade

High Taper Fade Styles

Unlike the common tight and high tapered haircuts, the high taper hairstyle is ridiculously badass if that is the best phrase we can use. It is one of the most stylish and badass haircuts across the world and men seem to not get enough of it. This hairstyle is among the haircuts that keep rejuvenating in new styles, and is always on trend.

High fade styles are ideal for men with curly hair, as well as those with straight hair. So if you are a naturally curly guy, it is advisable to opt for this haircut.

Skin Taper Style

The skin taper fade can be described using one simple word: strong. Though most taper haircuts are said to be strong, though, the skin fade is probably the strongest and most masculine among all of the styles for men.

It is advisable to purchase a texturizing spray to use for this haircut if you want to try it out. The rationale is that these sprays will boost the glow of your mane, which is absolutely needed for this type of haircut. It is the main thing you need to make your skin fade haircut look better.

Skin Taper

Mid Fade with a Part

Still wondering whether you should opt for a low fade or a high fade? Well, here is a surprise gift for you.

The mid fade haircut is all you need to solve your fears. The mid fade is the means between the high and the low fade haircut. It brings out the correct balance, whether you have grown your hair long, medium, or short. Another aspect is the texture. Whether your hair is thin, thick, straight, curly, or anything in-between, you will find a mid fade haircut quite valuable. It is also the ideal hairstyle for guys who need something conservative, but not too conservative.

Bald Fade Style

If you can remember what we said above concerning the contrast in the low fade style, you will not have an issue understanding this haircut. The low fade creates a subtle contrast between the manes at the sides and those at the top, but the style we are giving you here is not exclusively about the subtle contrast at all. The bald taper fade haircuts come up with a strong contrast, and that is why more and more men are falling in love with it.

Now, you may think it is too conservative hairstyle, but no. On the contrary, it is one of the most modern and radical styles since it features extremely short manes on the sides.