Top 5 Apps to Turn your Nokia Asha into a Smartphone

Nokia Asha Angry Birds

When In Manila here are some great apps to have on your Nokia Asha phones. Yep, now even our S40 and S60 phones have the potential to be smart phones and thanks to Globe you can now purchase them on the Nokia store with the use of ordinary load. So anyway I have spent two full weeks to find out which of these apps prove to be most useful for everyday stuff. Here are my top 5 Nokia Asha applications to make the most of your phone.

Facebook and Twitter

Social networking is one of the most popular reasons why people get smart phones in the first place. So having Facebook and Twitter on my top 5 list is a no brainer, wouldn’t you agree?

App Rating: 4

Angry birds and Cut the rope

Gaming is usually one of the things that can be done on phones. Before the smart phone age, snake on my 3310 was probably one of the most opened applications while trying to burn time. So anyway I found Angry birds and Cut the rope to be well suited for times when you need to just kill time.

App Rating: 4


Traffic could be a big hassle and avoid it we should which is why MMDA’s app is a definite must for any Asha phone.

App Rating: 5

ABS-CBN, CNN, Inquirer, GMA News

Whether it is an update on the Cyber Crime Law or other events round the globe, getting a dose of latest happenings around you is always important as my mom would say.

App Rating: 4

Joiku Premium Wi-Fi Hotspot

Useful when you really need to work on something on your laptop and Wi-Fi is unavailable, you just open your app and connect your laptop to your own mobile hotspot. I had this on my Nokia N900 as well and proved to be worth its cost.

App Rating: 3

So there you have it… lots of other applications on the Nokia store but these proved to be most useful for everyday stuff. So till next time When In Manila browse your way to Nokia store for more of these apps for your Nokia Asha phones.


Nokia ASHA 303 official page

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