Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Puerto Galera’s Luxurious Getaway: Infinity Resort!

Boracay, El Nido, Bantayan, Subic—we bet you’ve been to these places and had a hell of a good time. But, guess what? There’s one place that you’re missing out on and which you should definitely set foot on!

Two words: Puerto Galera.

Surely you’ve heard of it; but probably not as much as the others (which are basically over-hyped), so you might be thinking that with all these other popular destinations… why go here? Well, the answer is: “For a LOT of reasons!” They’ve got powder white beaches, shimmering seas, majestic mountains, tropical forests, vibrant diving spots, and above all (which is the icing on the cake) Puerto Galera has the Infinity Resort


Launched just last 2013, this two-hectare beach resort on Talipanan Beach offers a wide array of experiences for tourists—and with what its name suggests: it offers an infinity of wonders. I’ve been very lucky to have experienced this ‘other side’ of Puerta Galera through Infinity Resort and I have to say that a part of myself wanted to keep this a secret (uh-oh!but (obviously) the other part won over so here I am!

Now to simplify this, let me list out the 10 top reasons why you should pack your bags and head over for a well-deserved getaway right here in Infinity Resort!

1. The beautifully-landscaped surroundings and architecture


The resort’s modern Asian design is captivating in so many ways and every corner just screams: utter luxury! The resort is even placed perfectly right in front of the beach and against a backdrop of tropical forests and mountains of Oriental Mindoro.

It. Was. A. Sight! 

Infinity-Resort-oriental-mindoro-mountain-sideFrom sunrise…

Infinity-Resort-oriental-mindoro-sunset…to sunset…

Infinity-Resort-oriental-mindoro-night…and night!

…Don’t you just feel like you want to get in there and pass the days away in bliss? (Because I do! I wanna go back there!) Kudos to their architect (Mr. Rommel Dionisio); the way he and the owners planned for the design and layout of Infinity Resort is pure genius. 

NOTE: The mountain that you see above is Puerto Galera’s Mt. Malasimbo. 

2. The Infinity Pool area (and ‘Infinity’ everywhere!)

Like what you’ve just seen in the photos above, that pool is an infinity pool that’s around 400 sq. meters! I loooove lounging here! There were enough comfy beach chairs, a bar on the other side of the pool (which has a ‘sundowner’ happy hour from 3-6pm!), a giant jacuzzi on the back, and another section right at the end of the pool where chairs are placed (so you can hang out by the sandy area while facing the beach).

Infinity-Resort-pool-islePool Isle

Infinity-Resort-pool-barEstuary Pool Bar (Open 7am to 9pm)

Infinity-Resort-pool-jacuzziOutdoor Jacuzzi

Infinity-Resort-beach-sideBeach side

 Meanwhile, for when I said “Infinity everywhere” it refers to the overall concept of the resort (which is in connection to this infinity pool). The idea is that, when you look behind you, you see the mountains: infinity


When you look ahead and you see the ocean: infinity


 This, ladies and gents, is the defining aspect of the resort… and it’s just gorgeous!

3. The best villas (accommodation) you could ever ask for!

With 20 well-appointed accommodations, they have rooms for couples, honeymooners, and families! There are beach front rooms and mountain side rooms; but each and every villa was designed in a way that the occupants will have a view—either (/both) the sea or the mountains—from their rooms through the floor-to-ceiling wide glass windows. What more is that every villa also has a balcony so everyone could enjoy a view of when the sun rises and sets. 

Now ain’t that sweet?!


Infinity-Resort-executive-roomExecutive Room

Infinity-Resort-premier-room Infinity-Resort-premier-diningPremier Suite Room

Infinity-Resort-family-roomFamily Room

From these photos, you could perfectly see how well-designed the rooms are as they are clad with earth colors, wood, and modern accents. It’s lovely how you not only lounge in style in Infinity Resort, but you can also sleep and rest in style! 

ROOM RATES: See here!

4. An awesome Entertainment Room!

Sing your heart away in their karaoke/videoke room, play billiards with your friends, challenge your sibling to a soccer table match, or call the family and do a Dance Central spree with the Xbox! There’s soooooo many things you could do in the Infinity Resort’s Entertainment Room to pass the time!

(Or if you’re more of the outdoors-y type, read Page 2 of this article to find about Infinity Resort’s exciting Outdoor activities!)

Infinity-Resort-entertainment-room Infinity-Resort-billiards

5. New & complete equipment to keep  your mind and body fit!

For people who try to maintain their daily aim of hitting the gym, Infinity Resort has it covered with their fitness room. It has every equipment that you would ever need: treadmill, weights, bikes, cross-trainer, multi-function machines, and more!

Being a fitness addict myself, I appreciated this part of the resort to still keep my workout rhythm!



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