Tone Legs plus Get a Fitter Body with FitFlop Philippines Sandals and Shoes

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When in Manila, it’s always fun to stroll around and enjoy all the wonderful things the city has to offer. But before doing that, you have to make sure you’re wearing the right footwear or you’re in for a bad day!

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With one glance, FitFlops might just look like any ordinary pair of slippers. But once you wear them, you’d instantly understand what makes the FitFlops the talk of the town! So what exactly is it does makes FitFlops stand out from all the other brands and why should every person own one?

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FitFlops boasts on being the flip flop with a built in gym! Imagine being able to exercise the different core muscles on your way to work or while doing the groceries! So not only do you get to walk around flaunting those stylish FitFlops but you even get to start flaunting those beautiful legs as well!

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“FitFlop footwear features patent-pending, muscle-loading Microwobbleboard™ technology to increase the time that your muscles are engaged every single time you take a step”


According to their website, walking in Fitflops can give you the following benefits:


  • help increase leg and bottom muscle activity (up to 30%)
  • absorb more shock than a normal shoe (up to 22%)
  • help realign ground force reaction closer to your joints

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So what do the users think?


“Used to feel my feet throbbing after walking the mall for 2 hours, but with FitFlop, I paced the mall for 5 hours straight with no backache, no throbbing feet and no pain in my heels! I am a truly convert… and now becoming very obsessed in my Fitflop collection!” -Annie Neo, Singapore


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“My back pain no longer prevents me from walking everywhere thanks to the shock absorbing effect of my Fitflop sandals. FitFlop footwear has redefined the standard of comfort I find acceptable in shoes. I have the Gogh clogs, the FF Superboot, the Mukluk boots and the Pietra sandals. I wish half sizes were available as I am a 7.5. I have to get a 7 in open toed styles and 8 (slightly too big) in boots/shoes. My feet are too narrow for the FF Supertone sneakers unfortunately but hope new styles of shoes will be part of the range this Autumn. Well done FitFlop – I never wear anything else.” – Deborah Skelton, UK

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Now I personally am the type of person who just wants to wear whatever is comfortable and head to wherever I need to get to. So usually, that would be a pair of running shoes or just my old reliable slippers. I like wearing fashionable shoes just as the next person does, but comfort comes first. Which is why I LOVE FitFlops! With these, I not only get to FEEL GOOD but I also get to LOOK GOOD! Plus, being a runner… I’m always on the go! I often walk long distances rather than take a short jeep ride just to get a little exercise! It’s fun but can be really painful to the foot and leg muscles whenever I wear the wrong pair of footwear. With FitFlops, I honestly have the urge to WALK MORE! No kidding! It just feels so light and so relaxed that it takes your mind off walking! Without even noticing, you might have already been walking for several miles!

When in Manila, get yourself a pair of FitFlops and walk around while you get yourself into better shape!


At FitFlop, their goal is to create the world’s most efficient dual-use fashion/fitness products.


FitFlop Philippines Stores and Info

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Tone your Legs and Get a Fitter Body with FitFlop Philippines


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