Tom Hiddleston Reacts to Disney Confirming That Loki is Genderfluid

As the new “Loki” series drops today on the Disney+ streaming service, Marvel Studios surprised fans when it suddenly addressed the character’s gender in a recently posted teaser clip.

loki disney

The clip in question briefly showed a prisoner file of Loki that indicated his sex as “fluid.” The screenshot went viral online with many fans celebrating the fact that Marvel finally confirmed it, as most already knew that the shape-shifting god is canonically queer in the comics.

When asked what he thought about this revelation regarding the character, “Loki” star Tom Hiddleston said that he was happy about the decision to address Loki’s genderfluidity which he agrees has always been portrayed in the comics and in Norse mythology.

“It’s always been there,” Hiddleston said in an interview at the screening of the new Marvel series. “Loki as a character has had such a broad-ranging and wide-ranging identity. He’s always been a character you could never put in a box, you could never pin down.”

“I was really pleased we were able to touch on that in the series,” he added.

loki gender fluid

“Loki” starts streaming on Wednesday, June 9, and will run for six episodes. It will take place after the events depicted in the 2019 movie “Avengers: Endgame” wherein Loki escapes from Avengers custody just after the Battle of New York and steals a time stone known as the Tesseract.

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