Tinder launches web-based “Tinder Online” in the Philippines!

Safe to say, Tinder is the hottest dating app: Chances are, you have friends who have met their significant other or at least went on a date through the mobile app.

But for the very few who have been living under a rock, here’s a crash course on Tinder: The geolocation-based app shows you your potential matches within your area, meaning you can swipe right (or left) wherever you are. When both people swipe right on each other, the message prompt “It’s a match!” shows up, and they can start talking to one another.

Sounds simple, right? Of course, the app has its limitations. LTE isn’t available everywhere (How can you swipe right on that hottie at the beach?), your smartphone could be out of memory space, or maybe you don’t even have a smartphone at all.

For those of you looking for some Tinder-loving care, fret no more!

Tinder just launched its own web version, “Tinder Online”. Now, all it takes is firing up Tinder.com, a quick login through Facebook, and voila! Feel free to swipe to your heart’s content.

The web version is still in its testing stages, rolled out in only a handful of countries: Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Sweden, Italy, Mexico, and yes, the Philippines.

Will you be trying Tinder Online? Let us know in the comments!