Timely, Witty, and Feisty: Caredivas is a Play You Can’t Miss!

Written by Louise De Luna (@louisedeluna)

There are, according to Philippine Statistics Authority, 2.2 million OFWs around the world as of 2016. That’s 2.2% of the overall population of our country. We know them as the modern-day heroesmothers, fathers,and siblings working outside the country to better the lives of those they leave behind. Rarely could they come home though, sending their love in balikbayan boxes instead.

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REVIEW: CareDivas Will Give You a Taste of OFW Life with a Wit

OFWs take the spotlightand shinein Caredivas, the first of many plays PETA will offer for its 50th year celebration. Well-researched and wonderfully handled by its writer Liza Magtoto, Caredivas is centered on the struggles, triumphs, and friendship of five caregivers by day and performers by night in Israel.


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Beyond its amazing costumes, lighting, and set, Caredivas manages to tell a linear story ripe with different themes; the dangers of working abroad, the definition of “home”, identity and dreams all with wit and humor. Each character has their own story, their own fears and desiresa reminder that our brave OFWs are as human as we all are and not simply numbers in charts.

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Director Maribel Legarda best summarizes the musical play best: “It is a story of migration and how the dark, dirty, and dangerous work can, in the hands of resilient and loving people, be turned into a life filled with camaraderie, adventure, and passion.

Let’s recap: Caredivas has a great story for a great cause, coupled with kick-ass songs performed by equally amazing actors on an amazing stage. You will laugh, you will cry, and you will think.

So what more are you waiting for?

Caredivas will run until July 30, 2017 at PETA Theater. Check out the schedule at their website below!

Caredivas at PETA Theater

Website: www.petatheater.com
Contact: 632-725-6244


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