Tiffany and Debbie Gibson’s Concert Was Full of Nostalgia

So much nostalgia was found at SM MOA Arena last September 15 as Tiffany and Debbie Gibson held their first concert together in the Philippines. 80s kids relived their childhood years and 90s kids were excited to see the faces behind the throwback songs they grew up hearing on late night radio stations. As you might have noticed, Tiffany and Debbie Gibson’s tracks never left the radio since coming out.

Now, 30 years after topping the Billboard Hot 100, the two teen pop princesses of the 80s came together on one stage for the first time in the Philippines.

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Although the two are famous for their synth-pop songs, the Philippines seems to love their ballads more. This includes the epic All This Time by Tiffany, which was considered to be the moving on anthem of the 80s and the 90s.

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All the hearts that this song helped joyfully sang along with Tiffany during the concert. Every lyric of the song nailed it when she sang, The sun still shines, the sun still sets. And it’s really up to you my dear if The heart forgives, the heart forgets.

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When Debbie played the piano intro of “Lost In Your Eyes”, the crowd went oooh. During one of Debbie’s interviews on Billboard, she remembered the crowd screaming when she played the piano intro of the song during her tours in 1987 even though it wasn’t released yet. That is when she knew the song was gonna be a hit. 30 years later, that piano intro still got the same oooh at the MOA Arena.

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The concert was filled with throwback lyrics you probably know how to hum if you’re an 80s-90s kid:

  • “If love is blind / I’ll find my way with you / Cause I can’t see myself / Not in love with you”
  • “I could never love again the way that I loved you / I could never cry again like I did when I left you / And when we said goodbye!! /  Oh the look in your eyes!!!”
  • “Could’ve been so beautiful, could’ve been so right / Could’ve been my lover, every day of my life”
  • “I know we are right / It’s not always clear / Because I’ve never felt the fear /Can it stay so good forever in time? / I’ve always felt the rhythm / What happens when there’s no more rhyme?”

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other songs

Although the two are always seen as musical rivals with both teens holding respective records of being the youngest to top the Billboard charts in the 80s, they never came out with Bad Blood (unfortunate story of Taylor and Katy). They ended the concert with a duet of the 80s hit Don’t Stop Believing.