Throw your party at Angeli’s Resort!

      Need a place to throw an awesome party with all your awesome friends–When In Manila?
Angeli’s Resort has got you covered. 


First of all,  whilst I was looking for a place to throw my birthday— which was in the middle of the glory of the Philippines’ rainy season– It was a struggle to find a perfect place to throw a pool party. Amidst the 3 week preparation period, the glory of typhoons brewing our majestic archipelago, I was indeed looking for a miracle.


Angeli’s Resort is perfectly nestled a few minutes away from the Metro. Nicely tucked in the borderline of omg-manila-traffic and omg-were-technically-in-the-province. Location was key. I didn’t want my guests to travel billions of lightyears away just to get to celebration with booze. Privacy was also a priority. Me and my guests have been to countless resorts and/or events place that required our privacy to be compromised aka we-want-to-make-a-lot-of-noise if you catch my drift. And of course the last and most important priority was PRICE. Who doesn’t have a budget? Well, a 20 year old financially independent student sure does. Angeli’s Resort has so many affordable deals and packages that got me all excited to subside some extra cash to more booze! (Mehehe)


So a summary of this wonderful discovery is in check: 1. Privacy 2. Quick trip from the metro 3. Affordable prices

(Photo below) They have 3 pools to choose from, you may also rent out rooms for you and your friends.
All airconditioned, clean and convenient.



(Below) They also have kitchenettes, sauna and clean comfort rooms!




They are also expanding to cover more of your social gatherings or just a quiet relaxing get away.

Here’s a summary of my birthday, it was definetely memorable and was a blast!



So whether you’re planning a fun, wet and wild social gathering or just need a get away with your friends and family,
Angeli’s Resort is the perfect destination, When In Manila.


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For rates and inquiries

Cellphone Number: 09178850603
Email Address:




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