Filipina Domestic Helpers Won “UAE’s Best Nanny” Contest

A Dubai-based startup business called ‘Rise’ recently held a first-of-its-kind inaugural event for domestic helpers last November 19. Three Filipinas were recognized, but the UAE’s Best Nanny award went to the 29-year old, Lorina Bunio, Gulf News reported.

While the first runner-up was received by Danalyn Acuriza, 40 years old, who looks after two boys. She shared with Gulf that even though she received an award, the “love, the support, and the trust they (employers) give to me [is enough].”

Meanwhile, the second runner-up Besma Abas, 48 years old, has served for an Emirati family for eight years!


These loving, caring, and accommodating domestic helpers bested 200 nannies, which were nominated by their sponsor families. According to Gulf News, 108,000 people had voted for the nannies on the organizer’s Facebook page over the past month.

To choose the winner, the top 20 who won the most votes were interviewed alongside with their employer – by a three-judging panel. The judges were two veteran British nannies and a UAE-based Dietitian.

One of the nannies, Stella Reid, is an English nanny, author, and television personality. She is known as one of the stars of the reality television series Nanny 911. (Source:Wikipedia)

As described by the Gulf News, the nannies were judged according to their ability “to provide a caring, safe environment, to teach children healthy eating, and how they supported their learning.”

The winners also received cash, which they will all send to their families back home, Gulf News shared.

The “Rise” is a startup organization that aims to help domestic helpers. It is the first competition in the country that focused on nannies. The organization also believed that domestic helpers don’t much recognition for their hard work and sacrifices. Therefore, they came up with this recognition to help boost their self-esteem and ultimately gain respect.

In this ambiguous and judgmental society, we need news like this to uplift everyone’s spirit.

Truly, nothing beats Filipino’s hospitality. Congratulations to all and we wish you all the best!

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