This website lets you predict Animal Crossing turnip prices for the week

Ever been frustrated at how you wait for a turnip price to get higher in the afternoon only for it to dip? I’m sure it’s happened a couple of times to you on Animal Crossing: New Horizons and it can be a chore to try and wait out prices, only to panic sell at the end of the week since you don’t want the turnips spoiling. The stalk market can be intimidating in ACNH but there’s one website that’s designed to predict your turnip prices for the week! It’s not perfect but it’s definitely a helping hand!

Head over to and input your turnip prices from the previous week as well as the current week and watch it give you a chart of what the sales may be like in the following days. On some days it will give you a wide rough estimate, on others, it’ll give you a smaller one. But there will be a guarantee for you. Talk about figuring out algorithms, this website has got it all!

Thank you Turnip Prophet. We owe you big time.

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