This Tiktok selfie hack shows you “what you really look like”

From dances to workouts to recipes, Tiktok is a platform known for its variety in content. Now, there’s a new Tiktok trend going on which shows you “what you really look like.”

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According to this trend, the front camera distorts your facial features because the camera is close to your face. As a result, your selfies become inaccurate. So to see “what you really look like,” you should position your phone at a certain distance from your face and use the face zoom effect.

There is indeed a difference in the two ways of taking selfies. Makeup artist Eleanor Barnes (@babysnitchery on Tiktok) shows this in her video:

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Likewise, YouTuber James Charles has also tweeted about this hack, saying he’s never going taking a closeup photo again.

Try the hack for yourself to see “what you really look like!”

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