This Stainless Steel “Soap” Will Remove the Bad Smells That Stick to Your Hands

If you’ve ever chopped garlic in your life, then you know how difficult it is to remove the smell from your hands. No matter how many times we wash, it’s just there until the next day! And it doesn’t just happen with raw garlic. Sometimes, there are just bad odors that stick to the hands for a long time.

You’ve probably seen the life hack that says rubbing your hands on stainless steel will help get the smell out. Well, here’s something from Shopee that will keep your hands odor-free after you’ve been in the kitchen.

steel soap 1

Photo from Shopee

This stainless steel “soap” will do the trick! It’s about 8 centimeters big, making it easy to handle and great for “washing” your hands.

Because it looks and feels like normal soap, this makes it easier to get odors out. And since it’s made out of sturdy material, this single “soap” can go a long way.

steel soap 2

Photo from Shopee

You can also use it for your whole body—not just your hands! So, you won’t have to endure those weird smells on your hands anymore. Just get this stainless steel “soap”.

Buy this stainless steel “soap” here!

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