This Secret Basketball Emoji Messenger Game Is SERIOUSLY Addictive!

Google T-Rex who?

Whenever you find yourself bored with your other game apps that drain too much of your battery, or just happen to be waiting too long for someone to get back to your message, look no further than the Facebook Messenger app.

That’s right, the Facebook Messenger app has a HIDDEN basketball game within it — and it’ seriously, seriously addictive.

How to unlock it? It’s simple: send the basketball emoji to anyone on Messenger, click on the emoji and VOILA: enjoy a solo game of hoops!

Basketball Emoji game Messenger

Anyone who’s played the timeless Paper Toss game on their iPhone knows the drill: just shoot the ball into the hoop. Easy peasy!

…Until you get past 10 points, that is.

By then, the hoop starts moving from left to right, with the difficulty progressing every 10 points. According to others, the hoop speeds up by 20 points, and just moves everywhere by 30 points.

In order to test this game, I sent it to myself as not to disturb anyone with this weird experiment (though it would be a better idea to send it to friends in a group and compare scores!). After having been on the game quite a while, I’m stuck with 7 points. (I know, I suck.)

Basketball Emoji game Messenger 2

So for anyone who does way, way better than I do and actually gets past the 40 mark, let us know what the game looks like by then!

Have you tried this game? What score did you get?