This schoolgirl activist amazingly converted single-use plastics into school equipment

A young schoolgirl from India had the idea to convert single-use plastics into school items and has begun to make it a reality. By putting the single-use plastics together and recycling, she can create materials like benches, desks, whiteboards, etc. “My main aim is to build a school made only by recycled materials,” she says in her Facebook post.

“Licypriya is an Indian schoolgirl and climate activist, who is raising her voice in support of immediate climate action at the age of 6 years. She is one of the youngest leading face in the global climate change movement and also the youngest Indian addressed at United Nations,” her Facebook account describes her.

What an inspiration! Maybe we can adopt the same mindset and do the same thing with our single-plastic waste.

Check out her post below:

She already made roofing out of the plastics and the speckled design is actually quite charming. It’s also a good show of how we can save the Earth little by little. Let’s follow her lead!

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