This pizzeria serves their pizzas in eco-friendly, handwoven boxes!

Photos by Twitter user @peepaubau

In our efforts to continue saving Mother Earth, we’ve tried to be more mindful of our waste and how we use products. Whether it’s eliminating single-use products or harmful ingredients, many of us have adopted a more Earth-friendly approach. This pizzeria in Laguna is doing just that with their adorable handwoven packaging! It’s also reusable, which makes it even more thoughtful!

The BrickOven Cafe in Pila, Laguna are behind this super delicious-looking and superbly-packaged pizza. And not only that, if you use the packaging again, you get a special discount on your next order! This is definitely less wasteful than using boxes that are tossed out after. Kudos to you, BrickOven Cafe! We wish you lots of love! Your pizzas look absolutely mouthwatering!

Here’s to saving Mother Earth!

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