This New Perfume is Dubbed a “Gayuma-like” Fragrance

Our sense of smell is strong and sometimes, it really helps us attract others. Since it’s the pandemic, we are still wearing masks and keeping a safe distance. But a good perfume will take you places.

Avon Attraction Sensation 1 e1659945324750

Avon recently released their new fragrance called Avon Attraction Sensation. It is dubbed to have a gayuma-like fragrance.

This cult favorite is designed by two of the world’s most prestigious perfumers, Laurent Le Guernec (Avon Attraction for Her) and Michelle Defina (Avon Attraction for Him), these sophisticated olfactive are specially made for Her and for Him to awaken the five senses: Sight, Touch, Hearing, Taste, and Smell.

Avon Attraction Sensation 2

It has a floral, oriental, and fruity tone to it, making it an irresistible fragrance. The body reacts instantly to Spicy Ginger and Oriental Mandarin. The heart beats faster with the alluring Jasmine. Orris and Midnight Freesia create a hypnotic feeling. With Bold Leather accord, it connects you to your partner with an intensified and intoxicating scent.

There is also a version for men that is an Oriental Fougeré that has notes of spicy Black Pepper and Ginger Oil. The intoxicating thrill intensifies with sensual Clary Sage and the fresh and robust Lavender Oil. Addictive Patchouli and Vetiver release a high dose of adrenaline.

Looking for a new scent to try as you go back out and socialize?  Visit to purchase the Avon Attraction Sensation or contact your trusted Avon Representative to get your hands on this product.