This Municipality will Isolate You in a Haunted House if You Break the Community Quarantine

Haunted house

Forget standing under the heat of the sun or doing body exercises if you break the rules of the community quarantine. In Sragen Regency in Indonesia, they will isolate you in a haunted house if you dare step out of your home.

According to Sragen Regent Kusdinar Untung Yuni Sukowati, “If they disobey self-isolation [orders], several villages have asked for my permission to quarantine them in an abandoned elementary school or abandoned houses. I gave my permission. If need be, they should be locked inside — in a haunted house if necessary. But we’d still feed them and monitor them.”

Think she’s joking? Think again.

She added, “Two Plupuh residents agreed to self-isolate but they violated the order. So they were locked inside an abandoned haunted house. Had they obeyed their order they wouldn’t have been locked in there.”

The two were locked in a house in the middle of a rice paddy that’s known to locals for being haunted.

The regent did not mention how long they have to stay there, but we’d rather not take the risk. We’ll stay at home.

This is not the first time Indonesia turned to the supernatural to discourage people from going out. Men dressed as pocong or zombies were assigned at main entrances to discourage them from going out.

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